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Our happy, loving, energetic, amazing little boy


Dad, Mom, Charlotte & John
(and everyone else)


Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)


Diagnosis 10/6/13

What's next?

Our son, John Austin Millen turned 3 years old on November 19th.  He has been diagnosed with a brain

stem tumor called DIPG - Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. This is cancerous and inoperable. It is

located in a part of the brain that controls vital functions. Most children with this kind of tumor

survive a mere 9-12 months from the time of diagnosis.

John presented symptoms the first week of October, 2013.  He was admitted and diagnosed at

Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo and will began radiation treatment at Roswell Park

Cancer Institute on October 20th.  The radiation will likely shrink the tumor for a period of time;

however, this disease progresses rapidly with very few options beyond a single course of

radiation that have proven effective.

Upon completion of radiation in December 2013, we are now seeking a way to keep the tumor stable. 

We are traveling for consultations, looking at alternative healing, and waiting for someone to

find the CURE for our little man.

Our time is limited, our prayers are urgent and we are doing everything in our power for our

precious boy.

Our little boy will not ride a school bus to kindergarten, will never scare his sister with a frog,

will never have his first kiss, his first car, his first date, prom, or graduation. He will never

grow up, fall in love, marry and have a family of his own.

What he will have is a happy, full, normal life for as long as we are able to provide him with it.

Playing with his sister and his friends, being with Mamoo and Dadoo, cuddling with Nonni,

and helping Poppy in the garden, snuggling with Mama P over some wonderful books,

and giggling with his cousins under a blanket tent.

Please, if you pray...please pray hard!  even for the smallest of miracles.

Make a Miracle!

Living, Loving & Laughing Each Day

our mission:

God, please bless the journey which I plan to undertake

John's Journey

Benefit Update

Thank you to the over 400 attendees, coordinators, sponsors, helpers, family and friends who made this event such a huge success.

Where have we been?

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

John participated in a phase I clinical trial at MSKCC from February 12 through March 19.  We are home, and settling in to new routines.  Love to you all.  Check out Our Journey page to follow some details.